duplex designs

Everyone wants to build a house. That can serve their purpose in the long run. The purpose for building and house maybe for living in it or getting an income from it.  So, if you have an investment and are lucky enough to have peace of land, and wants to build a house over it then just gives it a thought what do you want from it.  When you have a clear objective, you will be able to build a house that will serve your current and future needs. If you are near to your retirement and have saving investments, that you want to convert into a house to live in.  Then a smart move is that you should consider building a duplex house design.

The duplex house design can be the best home design in melbourne. If you want that your house should be perfect for living and can allow you to earn money in future if needed.  Because in duplex home design you will be able to get a living space for you and can have a separate unit over the ground unit that you can rent out to get income from it.  But it’s not that simple that it sounds the cost there are pros and cons related to duplex homes. 


Space maximization

 You have a certain area of land and due to this limitation, you will be able to build a house within that area.  If you’re building a single ground Unit, it means you have a limited area according to the size of your land. To maximize the area coverage, the best home design Is to go with that duplex home design.  By this, you can build a Second unit over your ground unit that will double your space within the limited area of your Land.

Rental income

Maybe when you are building a duplex house you have a large family but after some years your Kids have grown up. They have moved to a new place or a new city.  Now you don’t need the upper portion of your house because it’s empty.  You can just rent it out and get the Permanent monthly income. Even people build duplex houses to get a surety of the monthly rent as their permanent revenue stream.


High initial investment

Building a duplex house means you have to spend more money because you are building 2 units at one time.  The construction cost is always the pain point that let people not go with the duplex house. Even it will take a longer time to get completed.

Higher maintenance

The duplex design means You have more area to maintain. This will directly increase your maintenance cost and with every passing year, it will be on increase. This means you are not only spending more money on building the duplex house but also on its maintenance.