Good Fairies is an Australian based company whose purpose is managing events especially to kids party entertainment Sydney providing them with fairy parties in which we give many forms of entertainment such as creating different characters, face paintings, creating fairies and many more just to create fun for kids in any event. We provide different services for different events. Let us have a look at these;


Birthdays are always fun and kids also enjoy birthdays. Usually, parents arrange birthdays for their kids, invite their friends so that they can enjoy and have the best time of their lives but if there is not any source of entertainment, kids will get bored. Kids always find some activity to engage in and in which they can fully enjoy. Colours and themes attract them the most so it is a good idea to create a themed birthday party for your kid. Choosing Good Fairies is the best idea if you want to create a fairy theme on your kid’s birthday party. We give the best birthday party entertainment and girls always love fairies, they would definitely love being one. Moreover, we also provide fairies to entertain your kids by showing some magical tricks which make your kids amused and excited. Fairies bring light to your kid’s birthday party. Link here offer a great and wonderful experienced to entertain your kids in birthday.


A newborn baby is always a blessing and the christening is important. Kids of age from two to eight get easily bored in christening because they find it boring when the christening is being held in the church and all the formalities are being done so it is vital to arrange a function after christening in which kids get entertained. You can contact Good Fairies who will arrange entertainment for kids at the christening to take away their boredom and make them enjoy the christening because kids happiness should always be considered.


Kids always find weddings one of the most boring events because it is an event for adult and only they can enjoy at weddings. Kids irritate their parents by asking them to leave because they get so bored that they prefer to go home and they ruin the whole environment of the wedding. To keep kids busy and entertained, Good Fairies provide the entertainment service at weddings which is especially for kids. The entertainment includes so many things that kids would definitely be going to love. So contact Good Fairies to keep kids busy and entertained at weddings and then everyone can enjoy the event.

Corporate events:

Corporate events are usually held for business purposes and the environment is quite formal which makes the kids bored. Arranging some sort of entertainment in a corporate event is the best idea to keep kids away from formal meetings. Good Fairies provides entertainment services for corporate events as well.