The word criminal is used for the person who commits a crime. Sometimes it is used for a person who is found guilty of a crime. A crime is of any type that can be harmful to anybody’s life, property, or family. It may be related to murder, terrorism, bomb blast, kidnapping, etc.


Law that is used to protect human life from any sort of evil or crime is known as criminal law. In other words, we can simply say that criminal law is designed especially to punish the criminals. As crime is done by any of the people in any county. But there are some rules and regulations that are used to protect the country from such evils. Each country has some laws that are necessary to be followed so that the country runs its business more smoothly and easily.


The person who gives guidance in the field of law is known as the lawyer.  A lawyer is a person who deals with different matters of our daily life by doing some legal documentation. A lawyer is also known as the counsellor or sometimes an attorney.


The person whose main concern is to castigate the culprit is known as the criminal lawyer.

As we know that a lawyer is a person who studies and practices it. Similarly, the best criminal lawyers in a blacktown is a person who did his research in the field of crimes. In another word, we say that best criminal lawyers is a branch of law education or it’s a specialization course Criminal lawyers also include different fields. Like drug importation lawyer etc.


A criminal lawyer who puts his best into proven his client innocent is known as the best criminal lawyer. It is not necessarily that the criminal lawyer is best only when he proved innocent, he is also known as the best lawyer when he proves that the crime is actual done by the person and he is the actual criminal. A best criminal lawyer has an understanding of the charges of which a person is accused. Moreover, he must have respect for his client in a court, there is always the availability of two lawyers, and one who defends the criminal from punishment is known as the criminal defence lawyers where the other is known as the prosecutor. Sometimes both the roles are played by the same person. In some conditions the court allows the criminal to fight his case by himself thus, he is the criminal now also a criminal defence lawyers. If he lost to prove himself innocent he will get punishment.

So from all of the above, we conclude that criminal law is a law that helps us to protect from crimes and the person who fought cases about crime, known as the criminal lawyer.